Thursday, April 29, 2010

Update From Adam

I began orientation training with the United States Government on April 26th. In my absence, I must roll zine duties over to first editor-in-chief Drin. As of April 29th, we only have two photos (posted below) submitted for the upcoming edition. I do not know what happened to the people who had offered to collaborate with the Black Bubblegum staff, but I no longer have the resources to enforce the given content deadline.

I will move deadline to Monday, May 1st; however, at this point I am unsure of how much this will help us get the content needed to print this zine. All the time and love in the world is irrelevant if everyone cops out.

Unless we receive the contributions offered to us prior to this post, the fate of Black Bubblegum edition one is in serious limbo.

- Adam

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