Thursday, April 29, 2010

Update From Adam

I began orientation training with the United States Government on April 26th. In my absence, I must roll zine duties over to first editor-in-chief Drin. As of April 29th, we only have two photos (posted below) submitted for the upcoming edition. I do not know what happened to the people who had offered to collaborate with the Black Bubblegum staff, but I no longer have the resources to enforce the given content deadline.

I will move deadline to Monday, May 1st; however, at this point I am unsure of how much this will help us get the content needed to print this zine. All the time and love in the world is irrelevant if everyone cops out.

Unless we receive the contributions offered to us prior to this post, the fate of Black Bubblegum edition one is in serious limbo.

- Adam

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tristan's Photo (#2)

December 30th, 2009. Tijuana, Mexico.

Adam's Photo (#1)

The Reactionaries " 1979" Vinyl L.P. Record Release Party @ Harold's Place, Hosted by Craig Ibarra and Water Under The Bridge Records.

The Reactionaries "1979" Vinyl L.P. Record Release Party @ Harold's Place, Hosted by Craig Ibarra and Water Under The Bridge Records. San Pedro, CA., Feb. 20, 2010.

(Click photo for website & all sizes.)

Important! Read!

Due to time constraints, articles for the first edition of Black Bubblegum are to be placed on hold until next edition. The "Photo Album Edition" will be the first edition.

What we need from you is one photograph. It can be of anything, as long as:
1) You took it yourself.
2) It is unaltered in any way.

There are no parameters on the subject matter. As long as you like it, or it means something to you, or just simply looks cool, we will accept it for publication. Full credit will be given to the prints we use for this issue, and free issues will be handed out to contributers.

Current contributers include:

We need one more for publication; this issue will be eight pages long (current estimate), and seven photos are needed. The first page will include an introduction, credits and artists description of their photo.

Anyone can contribute. Ask your friends to check us out. Anything we do not use will be archived for future editions, so no worries. Post your contributions on this blog, and they will go into layout from here. This is a private blog, open only to contributers of the zine, so no worries about some dope jocking your shit. This operation is air-tight.

If you would like to contribute, or are interested and have questions, text Adam. <13107807550>


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Edition #1: Articles & Ideas

1) Concert Review - Bombon, A Seasonal Effect, Last Day Off, Led To Victory (4/10/10)
* Pictures: Flyer, Concert Shots (x2)
* Writer: A.D.

2) Interview - Joey Khack as the (H)Urban Entrepaneur
* Pictures: 420 Spraypaint, Joey w/ Cash Money
* Writer: S.B.

3) "How To" Column - How To Breathe!
* Pictures depicting each step
* Writers: S.B. & C.N.

4) Article - Stoned At Heart
* Pictures: Group Shot, Live Shot
* Writers: S.B. & A.D. (Set up interview.)

5) Article - Upcoming Art Festival @ Purchase University
* Pictures: Art, Festival
* Writers:

6) Art Section - Poetry, writings, drawings, etc.
* From anyone who wants to donate their work for publication.
* Credit will be given, all entries accepted.
* EVERYONE is responsible for finding someone / something to contribute.

7) Other - Editorials / Opinion Columns, Album Reviews, etc.
* Current or otherwise.

8) Other - Anything else you can think of.
* All ideas will be considered.


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